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Outing at Hewlett Packard

Today on the 11th of April, 2007, we had been to our off-site outing organized at Club Kabana. Thanks to Prakash Kadam, our Section Manager, who took the pleasure pain and responsibility of arranging every bit of the event. The idea of briefing the crowd about the day’s schedule worked very well in managing our time and events.

It started off with a Bus journey at around 8 in the morning. We had Leigh Horn, from HP-US accompanying us as our special guest. We played the usual travel game, Dumb Charades, a Team member miming the clues about a subject to others, coined by the other team, on our way. It took a good 1.5 hours to reach and we had a welcome breakfast arranged for us. The Omelet was perfectly baked, not too sticky, not too hard, just to fit in between bread slices. We had our ideal breakfast, Dosa’s along with quite spicy chutney serving those starving stomach’s who opted out of omelet. We had a waiter serving a cup of high tea and coffee to complete our morning meal.

By then someone from the other corner shouted the timings of the bowling alley, being open for 2 hours from 10 am-12pm. You could see half the crowd getting ready for bowling, quarter of them preparing for Badminton, and the rest probably standing there and wondering the depth of the pool situated besides them. This being my first bowling experience; I was quite exited to jump in and roll the ball, score quite a lot of “X” (Strikes), get the crowd to woo me. In the end, on our bay, Ananda, SRP had a remarkable score with Sameer and Datta chasing them. I could see a lot of people wooing Rajeev for his Strikes on the other bay. My novice status and Keshava’s recurring fouls became the reasons of solace for our low scores.

We spent the next few hours exploring a few indoor/outdoor games. I played a few matches of Ping Pong, Shuttle badminton and Lawn Tennis. It goes unmentioned the way we played lawn tennis; There were no lawn in the first place. Then the sun started to get too hot to handle. We were hardly playing a rally, longer than 2 shots and in between we lost the ball. At any point of time the playing 2 use to be on the court and the rest, took some rest. Finally, Shaini and Kadam played a few good serves in that blistering sun improving a what would have ended as a mediocre match.

Then followed the usual corporate lunch served with a glass of amazing chilled water and not so good Vanilla Ice cream. Later in the afternoon, we assembled in a lounge to play a few fun filled games, as scheduled. The first one was like 20-Questions, with the volunteer asking random series of questions, and guessing the Person. Then followed a game of classic Antakshari with a tinge of Dumb charades to it. Team 1 consisting of Kadam, RamPrasad won it against Team 2 which had Ananda, Rajiv and others, witha subtle margin. The third game was a game of dressing up a team member, in line with a theme and then presenting it to audience. I was dressed up like a Tribal. Then there was Keshava dressed up as an Angel Cricketer from Heaven, GRK decked up as a HP Server (was looking like a priest) and Aradhya dressed up like a victimized employee. Lastly, we played a game called “Werewolves”, wherein the whole lot was made to sit forming a circle. With this lot declared as Villagers, some of them were Werewolves, who killed a villager in clandestine. The game progressed with an alternate round of discussion amongst Villagers, resulting in voting out a person, thinking that he/she is a werewolf. Kishan, by gaining confidence, Sameer, by asking for logic, Asha, by keeping quiet had a cake walk with Rajiv becoming suspect now and then. My plea to get Rajiv out was blissfully rejected time and again. In the end, we Villagers succumbed to the deceitful play of Werewolves. Well, it goes unmentioned that Keshava was emotionally involved in the game.

By the time we finished it, it was 05:30pm. We ended this remarkable day with a small Prize distribution ceremony followed by a Photo session. We drove our long way back home, singing, dancing, enacting songs, movies etc. We made sure that we returned back home with the same enthusiasm, with which we initiated it. This whole event gave me an opportunity to get acquainted with those lot, who I would have probably never met in my career, or at least would have taken months to know them. It all finally boiled down to an unforgettable day, which would cherish in my memories as the day, we enjoyed by shattering our mundane work life with the people who matter the most at our work place.

P.S:- I would like to pray for a good health for Jyotsna’s Child, who has been fighting for life, as of this day. I hope he will surely get well soon.


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