Google and CIA

Do you guys know the news that was published on PrisonPlanet, about Google working with CIA? Here it is, on Slashdot, and detail news on Disgrunt. People all over the world are concerned over this report. There are also few people, who claim that Google helped CIA out, in gaining information of the terrorist hideouts, Sleeper cells in US, Canada etc., after the infamous 9/11 attack. Google has the potential information of search queries of 42.3% of the searches made throughout the world. They have around 9.3% of personal details of the people around the world through orkut and about 90% of the people in United States alone.

With Google Maps and Google Earth,  they also have the details of the physical entities present around the world.They have your personal information through Gmail, which has around 7% of the market share. Now, Google bought DoubleClick, an online advertising company. If you have ZoneAlarm, a firewall application, installed then, you will know this spyware being detected everyday. DoubleClick has a low priority spyware stub, which records your Internet usage and reports back. With this, Google will have your online buying pattern and your frequent website usage pattern.

Even though Google has been providing a great service, all these characteristics might a become a threat. Google can go against its “do no evil” policy and misuse these information, someday. I’m not being skeptical but there is a very good chance. Maintaining your search preference through cookie management, a technique that got famous by Google, is also an other threat; The reason for this being, Google has time and again, made sure that all the ways of working around to search a query without Cookies, has been disabled. You can get the details for this, here.


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