Karnataka Polls – Real Reason

Being a kannadiga myself, I see the following as the real reasons for Congress’s defeat.
*) Congress did not point out anyone as their leader. So who are we(citizens) voting for anyways? Certainly not for the party so that after a week he/she just implements high commands order and not do anything on their own. We don’t want leaders who chant high command mantra, we want leaders who make high command chant their mantra, like Narendra Modi.

*) Every urban voter that I know of,was chanting only one mantra. “Vote for anyone but JDS”. We dont want to hear father-son crap anymore. It’s our(citizens) state.

*) Moditva: There has been no development in Karnataka from past 5 years. Advani pleaded for 1 chance, 1 clear mandate. It made sense to us. Modi has proved his fleet with development in Gujrat thrashing all the media projections. We want to see it happen in Karnataka.

Having said all this, IF ONLY Congress had mentioned anywhere that S.M.Krishna would be their Chief Ministerial candidate, they would have swept this election. All of Bangalore, including I, would have voted for them. Look at the number and you will know why Bangalore votes are so important.


3 thoughts on “Karnataka Polls – Real Reason

  1. Finally, now there will be an end to the total absence of governance — that lasted four full years — in Karnataka. BJP gets a chance to prove its pro-development tag.

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