Bravo BJP, Bravo Manmohan

First of all, I am not here to praise BJP or hate Congress or vice-versa. I am just happy to know that someone has blown the whistle. It’s a shame that money is all that matter to these corrupt rats but what’s worse is that there is nothing new about it. All the politicians from Congress, BJP, BSP, SP, AB, BC, CD, … to Left (CPM), Right and Center have been doing it all along, all throughout their lives.

This brings me to my today’s point of discussion, Who will I vote and why?

Before that I would just like to mention that I don’t understand Rajdeep Sardesai and his channel’s obsession with pro-Congress campaign even when they have been alleged to have paid charity to poor, I mean ransom to rich and shameless (I was talking like a little politician myself ;))


Congresses way of defending Inflation is to blame it on international crude oil prices and demand supply mismatch. While this might be true, this is certainly not the line of reasoning I would expect from a Govt led by an economist (Lets forget for a moment that he is just a puppet) and finances, managed by P. Chidambaram.

Setu Samudram demolition:-

BJP will not demolish the bridge believed to be built by Lord Ram. India is a secular country. Whether Ram has built it is a different issue but some people believe that he has we need to respect that as we should have respected Muslim’s right to have Babri Masjid. As an Indian I do feel sad that it was demolished leading to about a thousand people’s death.

Nuke Deal:-

Personally, I am with this deal. We really need a strategic relationship with US and other NSG countries. I do not agree Left’s proposition of continuing with Iran – Pakistan pipeline. This is not going through for obvious reasons. We can’t really be waiting and guarding this pipe allover Pakistan checking if it has leaked or some terrorist is in there playing video games. Will it be costly? It might be, but it has a longer horizon than Crude Oil, which we have been feeling deep in our pocket.

I liked the fact that Rahul Gandhi was projected during this deal and that Manmohan Singh stood up for the deal.Yes, Singh is the Kinng in this deal.


I dont think UPA is strong enough to face this issue as most of it’s allies and members are the minority parties(Muslims, to be precise). Almost all of them bank only on caste/creed/religion based politics, which is exactly forbidden in Indian Constitution.

Tainted MPs and MLAs:-

UPA has got Atiq Ahmed out of Jail to vote for them. They have wooed Shibhu Soren, one of the worst MPs, and they have Mulayam Singh Yadav on their side who has been extremely corrupt and has even gone to the extent of blackmailing the Chief justice of India against hearing a case.

Whatever might be the reason, I will never vote for Left (CPM/CPI crap), JD(S) in Karnataka. Please do not vote for these politicians who hail from these small and hopeless parties, who cannot bring in or influence any good policy in this country and who will only make money for themselves like hawks when a vote of confidence motion is being played. Please do not vote for Left parties as they don’t have the guts to take a single responsibility and they cry like 2 year old babies every next day and blackmail the govt. worse than Underworld mafias. They ditch the govt when they know that the elections are closer and they assume the govt. to be their forefather’s property and misuse it for their personal vendetta.

I am watching the vote of confidence motion right now on CNN-IBN and the funniest sight was to hear Sagarika Ghosh refer to Dr.Manmohan Singh as the fellow with Blue turban. It was like hearing Mandira Bedi explain Sachin’s cricketing techniques. Sher continued explaining to us (The common man of India) that, “each MP has a seat , there are three buttons, as you can see on the screen … “, I was expecting her to continue saying, “each seat has a cushion, so how many illterate corrupt asses are out there sitting on them?”

So who will vote? I will vote for UPA to continue this Nuke deal and their Govt for this 8 months, although my vote doesn’t matter, and I will vote for NDA for the next elections. Please vote and vote for those who you think will make good decisions for the greater good of this country. Please do not vote for Left, JDS and those opportunstic parties.

I rest my case your honor! 😉


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