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Nuclear Deal. Why India and why not Pakistan?

Although Pakistan is a member of NATO and India is a third world country, why is India being favored over Pakistan? If you don’t know the answer to this question already, then you either do not know much about South Asian countries or you are one of the frustrated Pakistani.

The reply to this question is simpler than it seems. While India has maintained a non opportunistic stance in world politics, Pakistan has always favored opportunism. It has favored US for military equipments, China for trade, India for Cricket and Bollywood, Middle eastern countries for Terrorism. Pakistan is not clear whether to support US or Taliban over terrorism. They not only have low credibility issues but also lesser world support.

While fundamentalists in Islam perceive it as an act done with mal-intention of war against Islam, it’s actually a war against terrorism and fundamentalism. India has about 18% of Islam followers along with Hindu, Jain, Christians, Buddhists, Jews and religion followers, it has never made a purposeful attempt to demean any religion. Despite having more terrorist attacks than Pakistan, India has always emerged as a favorable choice for investment and trade. India maintains basic freedom rights similar to that in US, UK and other democratic countries. While India enjoys the status of second biggest democracy, Pakistan enjoys that of biggest terrorist hub.

If you observe, US has always maintained its neutral state in Indo-Pak military issues. The main reason for this is the advantage it gets to sell its outdated military equipments to both India and Pakistan. I will agree with you if you feel US favors Pakistan over India in some of these military issues and that’s mainly because India buys its military equipments not only from US but also from other European countries such as Russia, France, Germany. This favor over Pakistan cannot be expected for N-Deal as US cannot risk its own security and the world security by offering nuclear fuel to Pakistan as it might end up in wrong hands for wrong deeds.

I personally do not see a real economic growth in Pakistan until it behaves like it deserves. A reflection of it would be the Pakistan Stock Exchange compared to that of India’s Sensex. If they sit and re-think their fundamental beliefs, they will probably figure out the reason behind more Arab investments in India than in Pakistan, even though Pakistan is a muslim country.


One thought on “Nuclear Deal. Why India and why not Pakistan?

  1. Joe Rempley says:

    Bush started his presidency at war with China, which hid behind 9/11. Not only has petroleum and gasoline tripled during these years, but so has steel and other commodities. All of this is because China, unlike India, has no market to regulate usage. And don’t forget the “Honkers Union” root of SPAM attacks (google this). William Temple in “of Heroic Virtue” (1690) claimed Chinese governance exceded the wildest dreams of western utopians. Henry Wallace found FDR’s silos in the Confucian “Ever Normal Granary”. Medieval calendars marked the world’s end at 1452, when Mehmet was the first calvaryman. the scond in 1696 was Peter Alexeevic Romanov, the third was 1951 ESCC, the last is China. Note the cognates of Magog: Magyar, Mongol, Mughal, Hungar, Uyghur, Hangook to gain real understanding.

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