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Google’s Android Mobile platform SDK released.

My Review:- Not too Happy

Yesterday Google released it’s latest beta version of Android SDK ( 0.9 Beta ). You can download it here if you are interested.You can get some more details on that from google’s android website and if you want to take a sneak peak, visit thestandard website.

What’s Android?

Android is the new mobile platform designed and developed by Google and Open Alliance group. Here is the wiki Link. It let’s developers design application for the Android based mobiles and HTC and Samsung are already designing Android based mobile handsets.

What’s wrong?

While it’s commendable to see the Desktop like UI design for Android platform, it’s sad to know that they have removed Gtalk API. It’s just not understandable that Google would do such a thing just to support network providers’ SMS and MMS service. If I can use GTalk via internet to chat on an Android phone then I should be let to use it. Google as a company has it’s brand value because it has behaved ethically in everything it has done. Just by disabling GTalk for the convenience of network providers, Google is going the MS, Apple way of making money. This is unfair and unethical.

Do I see a linux based open alternative to Android (Android itself is based on Linux) which is sensible to customer’s freedom to do whatever they want with their phones? I think so. I am just waiting for it desperately. I haven’t yet checked out the linux installation on iPod and iPhone, I guess they can make it big. They just need to re-brand themselves from “i – jailbreak” to something good, as ubuntu did.

Yea, they have also disabled Bluetooth API. I am not too bothered about it as yet as there aren’t any good phone that supports Android as yet. I will let those handset companies bother about it.

Handset designs currently being projected are very mediocre. They don’t compete even closely with iPhone.

What’s right?

Commendable UI design with options to customize Home Screen is great to see. They do not differentiate between applications, which is another plus. Nice and free alternative to Apple’s iPhone dictatorship on the application installation on iPhone.

Do any of you know if i can jailbreak iPhone and install Android on it, somehow? If I can install that Linux alternative to jailbreak iPhone, then will I should be able to install Android on it, don’t you think?


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