When Indian National Congress sold India …

I am not talking about the well-known rumor of Jawaharlal Nehru’s (Chacha Nehru’s) acceptance for Mountbatten’s dictact in return for the affair with Edwina Mountbatten. I am talking about Jawaharlal Nehru’s grand daughter-in-law – Sonia Gandhi’s Congress pseudo led by Dr.Man-Namesake-Mohan Singh Govt. keeping secrets from it’s countrymen.

Have you ever wondered, Why so many people hate George Bush? Check here, here and everywhere. This post is not about Bush. It’s about India and Indian National Congress. Just about a week before Vote of Confidence, citizens were revealed a document with N-Deal details after Left accused Dr.Man-Sonia’s Spokesperson-Mohan Singh’s Govt of keeping secrets and now this; Bush Govt has revealed that it will not sell N-Deal to India.

According to the news, Indian Govt knew about this letter and decided to hide it from it’s citizens as they were already left to kill each other amongst themselves in Jammu & Kashmir. A Govt. which claims to be secular, loud and clear, has not even spoken a single word about J&K issue of Amarnath row, although it was Gulam Nabi Azad of Congress himself who started the issue in the first place. This Govt. waited to gain some political advantage so that it can step in as a saviour but it failed completely this time and had to speak about it.

Congress Govt. hasn’t even spoken a single word on Singur Tata Nano issue till today. If the central Govt. claims that it’s state issue or something else then it will just make a mockery of itself. We are in a federal state and an issue of this magnitude affecting a company as big as Tata’s and it’s shareholders is of national importance. It will not only affect our industrialization but also Indian image as a investment destination. “But how many farmers vote are we talking about here. How can we hide under the carpet shamelessly”  is the question that central Govt. is thinking for about a month now.

Question the Govt., it’s representatives and it’s spokespersons and they will respond to you in this way.

Disclaimer: All the statements and characters below are fictional. This should not be read by anyone (Inspired by Southpark).

Question to all of them:

  • Why did you decide to hide these information from Indian Public ?
  • Why did you choose to believe in George Bush over Indian Citizens?

Soniaa Gandhi: Hamne … kuch … naahi … kiya … hu. Par …

How we feel: < Thanks for reading your PA’s comments. I will as well ask him rather than wasting my time with you>

Jaayanthi Natarajan: Arnab, we haven’t done anything. This is all lies.

How we feel:< You are exactly what’s wrong with everything in this country>

Kaapil Sibal: <With contended laugh> All of these are made up. What do you think happened in 1995 during Vajpayee Govt?  They didn’t even try for N-Deal, we have at least tried and back-stabbed our countrymen.

How we feel:< We know you are an intelligent man but stop brushing things under the carpet>

Dr.Man-well.educated.yet.hopeless-Mohan Singh: I will just repeat what’s told by Soniaa ji.

How we feel:< Dude I feel sorry for you. We need politicians like you but don’t be a pushover! >

Moilyy: No no. No. No no. No.

How we feel:< You mock yourself. Always.>

Man-eees Tiwariy: We have done no wrong. We have tried our best and it’s just not us. I don’t know why but it’s not us.

How we feel:< Your intelligence is inversely proportional to your age>

Praful Patel: This is not a big issue. We wil solve it.

How we feel:< I need money. Lot’s of it, from private Airways. I am actually a spokesperson of those airways.

Homely Minister, Shivraja Patil: This is the responsibility of state Govts. especially BJP ruled Govts. to handle Nuclear deal.

How we feel:< You are the funniest of all. Oh wait, second funniest >

DeRailway Minister, Lalu: SIMI has nothing to do with this. I am illiterate bastard who makes money of cow fodder, railway jobs and everything else.

How we feel:< You are right. Is Bihar alright? >

KamalNath: Singur is a internal West Bengal Matter. Nuclear deal is also internal West Bengal matter.

How we feel:< You are an union industrial min – wait for it – bastard – wait for it – ister. You are suppose to look after and handle industrial – agricultural issues and pushing it all on West Bengal is a shameless behavior.

P.S :- Using Karan Thapar or CNN-IBN to accuse or portray that Jammu & Kashmir and all other issues are a fault of opposition is the hideous way of dealing with things and it will only fool the gullible fans of INC let alone convince the Indian citizens. This Govt. has hardly accepted any responsibility for any bad events happened in it’s tenure. This govt. is as hopeless as Sagarika Ghosh is on CNN-IBN.


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