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Google Chrome and privacy

As you might already know there is now a new contender in the browser war, Google Chrome. The war started with Netscape Navigator and IE, which then went on with Netscape loosing the battle but came back with Mozilla like a phoenix. Mozilla then went on far ahead than IE with Firefox 2. Mozilla then released Firefox 3 and by that time Opera and Safari had also joined the race. IE was still running it’s ever buggy IE 6.

With IE 7 and IE 8, nothing has changed except that they still continue the Microsoft legacy of buggy softwares. Google Chrome is about 800% better than IE but just comparable to Firefox as Firefox is much powerful warrior with a lot of hidden Addon arrows.

Google Chrome is good and you can google “Google Chrome download” to go to the link. But wait. Do you know or have you read anything about Privacy issues with Google Chrome? It says that anything, “anything” that you enter in the Google multi-purpose (Search + URL) toolbar can be stored and used by google to track your usage, browsing habits etc. This is very scary. Remember! They already have all your mails and they do read them and log keywords in their database without which they cannot possibly give you “customized” advertisements in Gmail. They already have your search usage with Web History and they have youre calendar details and addresses in Google Cal and Google Maps respectively.

Try this new Iron ( Google Chrome stripped out of privacy issues) instead of Google Chrome. I do not know if this Iron thing is legal or not. But why do we care? It’s there for download and let’s do it and use it without bothering about privacy and Google someday acting like Microsoft. You know what I’m saying?

Signed off. ( Conclusion: Try Iron instead of Google Chrome )


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