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Jumbo calls it a day today

Thanks to Indian Media, One of the cricket’s greats, Anil Kumble announced that this 3rd test match between India – Australia at Kotla is the last match of his career. If you haven’t noticed, I am freakin being sarcastic here. 


Kumble Photography

Kumble Photography

For those of you who don’t know Anil Kumble, he likes photography as much as he likes bowling. I admire his decision to call it a day but somewhere I wish that his career should not be ending like this. His captaincy, bowling acumen, commitment and grit was questioned everyday on media as if he was being paid by those sports correspondents of good-for-nothing news channels.  

Anil / Kumble / Jumbo studied his engineering in my college, RVCE Bangalore. He studies Mechanical Engineering and went on to play for my state, Karnataka. He then gave the most uneven spin and bounces which was never heard of in Cricket playing for my country, India. He has taken 619 wickets till date which was a record by itself and batted one of his best innings in this test match. He gave everything he had and it was very evident when he came to bowl with that injured left hand on saturday.

Few moments of cricket that I can never forget in my life are  the great knock in Bangalore by Kumble and Srinath, which India won in the end and the 10 wickets that he took in this very same pitch in Kotla against Pakistan.

My last words to Kumble, one of the cricketing legends:

You have made every Indian proud throughout your career. Sure there are ups and downs, but you have been there, done that, fought alone and have proved your critics wrong everytime. You made your country, state, college alumnis and every cricket lover proud and happy. Honestly, you are one of the reason that has made me a proud kannadiga and a proud Indian. You have always exemplified hard work and grit to come back and fight back. I know you will never read it but I wish someone can convey your fans feelings to you. 

My last words to Times Now, CNN-IBN and that Headlines today news channels:

You have successfully ruined yet an other career. Today is hopefully the last day that I will watch your channels unless there is a bomb blast somewhere and I am searching for some breaking news. All your confused, jobless, arrogant sports editors such as Boria majumdar popularly known as “shouting dumbo (not jumbo, mind you)”, Nikhil Arora and other idiots have been so critical of senior players that they have been forced to announce their retirement.


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