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Movie Review: Psycho (Kannada Color)

Rating: 0 / 5 ( Wait for pirated copy and watch it with your friends.  Read below to know why)

About three days back I got a call from my friend asking whether I would be interested in joining him to watch this new Kannada thriller called “Psycho”. His only USP was that this movie has got 4 stars in Times Of India rating. I don’t know whether it was the november month (the only month when we kannadigas celebrate our language) or that it was a long time since we watched a movie in a theatre, I agreed as we were going to watch this movie in PVR.

Surprisingly, 7:40PM show on a wednesday night for a kannada movie was almost full. I guess the producer earned his bribe money which he must have paid to Times Of India Bangalore.

Right from the word go everything in this movie was bizarre. You will be perplexed figuring out if it’s the camera work, or the acting skills of the actors that’s horrifying. The hero of this movie, Dhanush (apparently) was completely emotionless yet displaying only one emotion throughout the movie. The actress of the movie, Anitha was as ugly as this. Here they are.


Psycho Pair

Psycho Pair

The hero of this movie (who must be the son of the producer) has about 6 lines in the whole movie. He doesn’t show any sign of his good acting skills, the cameraman doesn’t let us see anything clearly on screen, heroine doesn’t show any sign of beauty, good looks and the Debutant director Devadutt clearly shows that he is a debutant director.

What’s good: The song Mahadeshwara sung by Raghu Dixit. It’s very good. Raghu Dixit has a website of his own here. He is a brilliant singer who also composes music and looks much better than the hero of this movie (What the hell! He even looks better than the heroine of this movie). You can google Psycho or Raghu Dixit to listen to the music.

There are 2 scenes in this movie which are must watch for everybody. The first one is the scene where the hero kills the cockroach by banging his head on the table and crushing it. Second one is the scene where the heroine complains “sundaravagirode tappa?” (Is it a sin to be beautiful?). Considering how ugly she is ( see here) you will be left rolling on the floor.

Also, if you want to read an article merely promoting this movie exactly the way the director wants, here it is. Last but not the least, keep this in mind about Times Of India Movie Reviews Bangalore.

  1. When Times (Times Of India) gives 4 stars ( **** ), it is actually 1 star out of 5 ( ***** ) in real world.
  2. If Times Of India Movie review gives 2 stars or 3 stars for a movie then its a must watch only for times reporters; Not for movie lovers.
  3. Considering even the basic criteria (bare necessity) of movie making such as Direction, Acting, Actors, Songs, Lyrics, Story; this movie is terrible. It should have been given 1 or 0.5 stars out of 5.
  4. Khalid Mohammad does not do movie review anymore and surely not for Kannada movies and Times Of India Movie Reviews “seems to” depend on the bribe paid by the producer.
  5. Check out rediff reviews or something else. 

In conclusion, this movie is by far the worst movie I have ever seen.


6 thoughts on “Movie Review: Psycho (Kannada Color)

  1. @Anitha:
    Thanks for your views. I have seen this happen with many RajKumar family movies. With my past experience and this present experience I can tell you that Times review rating is directly proportional to money paid to them. I trust rediff reviews on Hindi movies and with that confidence I went on to suggest Rediff.
    After all, it’s an opinion, everyone has one!

  2. kumar says:

    Overall a captivating good movie!, except for a few scenes where hero hurts some bad asses.
    Considering the fact that the hero is a psycho, the acting is not bad at all, what did u expect to see?.. shahrukh style kkkkiiiran or salman style shirt removal?
    heroine looks a bit old in some scenes, but no need to thrash the entire movie for that.

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