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Let us please …

  1. Stop appeasing minority or islam or whatever that is. Islam is very much a failed religion internally and externally. Let’s face the truth and accept the reality.
  2. Stop this romantic approach towards Pakistan. Pakistan exemplifies the failure of Islam. Adolf means Noble and Adolf Hitler had that name. Islam means peace and you know how peaceful it has been.
  3. Accept that English and Australian Cricket Teams have their reasons for not visiting the sub-continent but do not associate India with Pakistan as it was associated by Pakistan Cricket Board’s chairman. India is still a favorable destination unlike Pakistan.
  4. Stop appeasing Afzal Guru and his supporters. If you want to send out a message then Hang him. Action speaks louder than words.
  5. Stop voting Congress in center and state. They are a failed Govt, failed party and bunch of losers lead by Manmohan (Voice of Sonia), Sonia(Appeasing minority), Shivraj Patil(Guy who bought a new suit for every death of an Indian) and lousy spokespersons on TV.
  6. Accept that Congress is supported by Shibu Soren (Terrorist supported by Congress), Lalu Prasad Yadav (Stole fodder from Cattle) and Amar Singh (Graphical representation of deciet, cheat and shamelessness).
  7. Bring in POTA and act on it.
  8. Accept that Congress raised prices and that of Petrol and still haven’t reduced it after Crude oil prices came down to 64$, they have blessed India with about 20 – 30 terrorist attacks and are trying to shown down Hindu religion just to appease Islam.
  9. Accept the some of our media such as CNN-IBN is funded by outside organisation and are very much biased.

3 thoughts on “Let us please …

  1. Mallya as a PM huh? He did try to join JDS and get things done. I would much rather elect Lalu Prasad Yadav than electing a liquor baron. At least with Lalu we know that he is evil, with these stinking rich people you wont even know what’s going on.

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