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MP3 – MP4 Player Review – India

After a long hard thought on whether to invest in a MP4 player, I finally bought a MP4 player for myself, called Cowon A3 60GB from Amazon. In the process of buying it, I came across many other players, views, opinion and reviews. so I decided to blog about it.So here is the deal. I am not giving you an alternate review to that of CNET, ZDNET, Amazon or something else. I am just giving you an end user’s perspective and that of an Indian consumer.

So what’s Cowon anyways? It is a PVP (Personal Video Player). It is a great gadget to have if you travel a lot and especially during day time. I travel about 15-20 hours a week to my office. I am also very much addicted to watching movies, TV shows, videos etc. So this product is a blessing in disguise to me. Cowon A3 has 7 hours of video battery backup and 10 hours of audio backup. This has about 4″ inches diagonal screen and 60GB hard drive. This also has a recording feature to record programs directly from TV and a TV out to play Cowon videos on TV. Cowon A3 plays Mp3, XVID, DIVX, WMV, DAT etc etc etc. You don’t have to convert your movies to any format. It has been priced at about $265 (Rs.15ooo) in US now. If you are planning to buy it from a dealer in India, it will cost you about Rs.35000 so naturally i suggest you to buy it from US.

Other products which I considered before buying Cowon iAudio A3 60GB were:

1. iPod Touch:

Mind you! Cowon iAudio A3 has a much better audio quality than any iPod. Yes it does! I know for sure.

iPod is not for video. Video is just an addon feature. Also in iPod you will have to convert all your videos to iPod compatiable format for which you will need some converting software and a lot of time! If you are looking to listen to MP3 (Audio) and look modern, charismatic then iPod is for you. If you want Audio + Video while you are travellin then buy Cowon.

2. Archos 605:

Archos is always considered to be a better product than Cowon in terms of the quality of the product. At the same time it is also considered to be expensive as you will have to buy some addons. Archos believes in giving the base product and letting the user choose the addons they require. Archos has a slightly bigger screen of 4.3″ inches and has touch screen. If you plan to buy Archos 605 over Cowon A3 with features, you will end up spending about a $100 more.

3. Cowon Q5W:

This product has a touch screen. 5″ inches screen to watch your video. About 3 hours more battery backup for Audio compared to A3. This does not have Video recording but it does have an OS. This product is deemed  to be a little more complicated than A3 but it shouldn’t matter to you. This product has a few complians that it gets heated up. Since I was ordering these products from US and I will have no way to returning or complaining about it, I decided to go for a product which is well established in the market, A3.

4. Archos 705:

This product has grave issues with video playing. It supposedly, gets hanged at times, reboots a lot of times, freezes while copying data from PC and takes about 5 seconds of load time for every 30 minutes play. A great product but not now. Wait. Wait for a Year. Buy it in 2010 😉

4. Creative Zen, Microsoft Zune, Philips something:

I am not a kind of a guy who buys these products. I am Anti-Microsoft, don’t even get me started on this, I don’t like cheap products. 9Cheap in terms of quality and not price).

So there! To end my review, I want to suggest you to not use your laptop in India while you are on a journey as it will only kill your hard drive. Roads are so bad that you will end up formatting it forever! So I would suggest you to go for one of those 3 products (Cowon A3, Cowon Q5W, Archos 605).


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