Daily log of my preparation for MGAT

MGAT is the anagram of GMAT which I have been using for sometime to communicate with people to circumvent the mail sniffer, if there are any. Anyways, MGAT stands for Minimum Guaranteed Aggregate Throughput, just in case! Lol!

I have tried them all except studying hard. I have all the material and prepared almost on all the sections and I finally got 570/800 yesterday. To describe in detail,

Verbal:- Raw Score 23 : Percentile 29%

Math:- Raw Score 47 : Percentile 79%

Total:- 570 : Percentile 57%

Where did I possibly go wrong?

One of the mistakes I did was to write a couple of Kaplan CD tests 2007 just 2 days before my exam. It shattered my CR confidence completely. Otherwise, I was expecting about 640 not more than that, honestly. My plan was to give my exam now and give my best shot in February and getting 640 would have been a nice boost nevertheless I will still go ahead with my plan with some changes, of course.

So whats the Plan now?

Effort Logging:

  1. Prepare by logging 5 hours a day even on weekdays.
  2. Log my daily work here in this blog next day, for myself and for others if they happen to find it useful.


What screwed up?

  1. CR no confidence at all. I am confident of getting about 2 questions right. That means about 10 Qns easily were wrong.
  2. SC I got most of them right. I had about 75%(approx.) hit rate. So, I would have got 3-4 Qns wrong.
  3. RC were all really easy because I use to screw up my CR qns. I must have made about 1-2 mistakes.
  4. Thats about a total of 16-18 wrong.

I need to put most of my effort here. Planning to put 80% of my time here.

  1. Prepare CR from CR Bible. [ About 6 days ]
  2. Mark all mistakes from OG and OG+. Go through them throughly for CR, SC and RC.
  3. Do workbooks again.


What screwed up?

  1. Word problems. I remember getting a word problem on ratio/percentage wrong.
  2. Inequality in the end.

Task Plan:

  1. Word problems.
  2. Inequality – TIME material, Vertias etc.
  3. Timed exams to improve hit rate and reduce my silly mistakes.

Few more information that I found relevant:

  • Raw score 49 in Math was 93%ile in 2007. If I relatively assume 48 to be 90%ile then 47 would have been 84%ile. Our percentile keeps reducing every coming year.
  • Math: 48, Verb: 39 – Got my friend, 720.
  • Math: 48, Verb: 35 – Got my friend, 650.
  • Math: 47, Verb: 23 – Got me, 570.
  • Math: 49, Verb: 42 – Should get me 750. – My Goal.
  • Math: 48, Verb: 45 – Should get me 750. – My Goal.

My Exam Scores before my actual GMAT:

  1. Powerprep 1 :- V:29 Q:48 – Total:620
  2. Powerprep 2:- V:27 Q:49 – Total:640
  3. Powerprep 3:- V:26 Q:49 – Total:630
  4. Kaplan CAT1:- V:24 Q:38 – Total:540
  5. Kaplan CAT2:- V:23 Q:41 – Total:600
  6. 800Score Test 1:- V:27 Q:48 – Total:660

Aiming for Verbal > 40 will fetch 90+ percentile. Quant > 48 will fetch 93+ percentile.


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