Basale Soppu (Malabar Spinach), A vegetarian delicacy?

I’m not a cook, at least not a good cook. I cook some very usual foods at home to survive. However, lately I have been trying a few recipes but none turned out as I expected. In fact, I’m at the verge of writing a blog titled, “How not to Cook!”. Also from last couple of days I am suffering from body pain and mouth ulcer. It has been a very painful and dreadful living for these few days. A lot of people suggested me a lot of ways of reducing my mouth ulcer amongst which one of the suggestion was to make Basale Soppu Tambli. If you are not a kannadiga then the chances are that you will not know what this is. As I already told you that I’m a horrible cook, I will direct you to this amazing blog where Sushma tells you in such good detail about how to make it. I strongly recommend you to go through this blog. This is the best cooking blog I have ever seen on web!

Anyways, I went searching for it in all of Vijayanagar (Bangalore). After searching at some local grocery stores, I found out that I can get it only at the vegetable market in Vijayanagar. Finally, I stepped in there and there was only 1 vendor who sells it there! All the other shops directed me to him and for my bad luck, he did not have it. He had Kaddi Basale (A variant, I guess) which costs Rs.35/- a bunch. I was so shocked when I heard that. It’s still very fresh in my memories that my mom used to bargain for Rs.0.50/- a bunch and the road-side vendor used to stick to his price of Rs.1/- a bunch and finally he used to give up to the relentless bargain of my mom, either because the argument was just not worth Rs.1/- or because he understood that he did not stand a chance, and give 3 bunches for Rs.2/-. Within a span of 2 minutes I recalled this incident and that Ifran Khan’s Investment Ad about inflation!

Although I came home empty handed, I must say that it made me feel that Basale Soppu is probably, indeed a Vegetarian Delicacy. Selling Basale Soppu was not a bad business idea/ venture afterall. If I can even grow it and sell it, I can establish a complete Supply-Chain, I guess. Apart from my stupid business ideas, I was curious to know what all can be cooked from Basale Soppu as it has such high demand in this area. I googled for it and I stumbled upon this blog that I mentioned earlier. If there is one thing that I don’t regret wasting my time searching for Basale Soppu, that would seriously be finding this blog on net. I am so gonna start cooking delicious foods now.

By the way, I am trying Heerekayi Tambli right now. Hope it turns out tasty!


3 thoughts on “Basale Soppu (Malabar Spinach), A vegetarian delicacy?

  1. GB says:

    Hi Nitin, You can find basale soppu in Namdhari Fresh outlets for abt Rs 10 a bunch and sometimes at Hopcoms outlets in Bangalore – GB

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