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Disabling dual screen on a Mac

I have been using a mac recently for all my work. I am using a Macbook White with Leopard 10.5.8 in it. I have not yet upgraded to Snow Leopard and I do not intend to for sometime. I bought a DVI to Mini-DVI cable from AppStor (Official Apple Re-seller) to use my mac with my LG Wide screen monitor that I have for my PC. I connected the wire with a lot of enthusiasm and it worked like a charm, which is actually true for every feature on a Mac :).

When you connect your external cable to a Mac, Leopard boots up the dual screen mode with multiple desktops. You can move applications, windows and other UI between screens seamlessly and eve have different wallpapers on different desktops etc. I was happy using it but after a while, I wanted to disable multiple desktops and use a single one. I wanted to even switch off the screen on the Macbook to save some battery power. I looked around over the net but I couldn’t find much help. This is when I decided to explore myself. I found it and here is how you do it.

  1. Select “System Preferences” on the Dock. If you cannot find it then use the spotlight on the right-top. Click the “Magnifier icon and type “System Preferences”.
  2. Click “Displays” under Hardware.
  3. Tick the checkbox which says “Show displays in menu bar”. You will see an icon appear on the top bar next to the date and battery icon.
  4. Left-click on that icon and select “Turn on Mirroring”. Soo nafter that you wil see your screen refresh and the same desktop on both your monitor screen and the Macbook.
  5. You can reduce the “Brightness” down to Zero if you do not want your Macbook screen display the graphics (To save battery power, to save the world etc). Press F1 until you see your screen dissappear.

By the way, if you ever face an issue that you have your dual screen enabled with multiple desktops but you have not physically connected your monitor, check the cable connection to your Macbook. You must unhook the cable for Mac to realize that an external monitor is not connected to the Mac.



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