Responsible Opposition

Just wanted to mention that recent opposition by Brinda Karat and her party for the issues in our country and their responsible behavior towards Ruchika rape case and Tiwari scandal has made me sit up and take notice of the left parties unlike before. I now want to understand this responsible shift in a party which opposed every move of the previous government with no rational or logic. I’m just glad that we have someone to question the moves of the majority Congress Govt. in the opposition while BJP and its allies are immersed in infighting and irresponsible coalition with Shibu Soren (Virtually a terrorist) to come back in power. Although the chances of this party growing into a major political party in this country are very low as they have a major ideological issues with middle class / upper middle class and the rich, I would still like to see them voice the opinion of the poor as the poor are the ones who usually get lost. Not that the middle class has a better voice in the parliament but they atleast have some financial comfort to cut their losses.


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