Man vs. Bee – Bangalore

Have you ever come across a war, literally, between man and bees apart from the one in that Bee Movie? If you have not, come to South Bangalore and you will see one right now. Live and exclusive.

I live in south Bangalore, in an area called Chandralayout. In my apartments, they are killing about 500 bees everyday. Yes, Everyday! On my way back home, I use to see a lot of dead bees in the entrance and get annoyed about our behavior towards nature.  One day I decided to do something about it. So, I confronted this issue with the maintenance personnel. To my surprise, I learnt that it’s a war between these men and those bees. They spray some chemical on these bee hives everyday to get rid of the bees, as many tenants have complained about bee stinging their children, but those bees construct their hives, a big one, everyday. The war is so fierce that the bee hives are getting bigger by day and so is the number of dead bees.

I really wish I had known some other alternative that I could suggest to these folks, but I don’t. I have been searching all day to suggest a simpler method. If any of you do know some alternative method than killing those bees, please let me know.

I have both the pictures – dead bees (after cleaning the floor) and bee hives – on top. I took it just about 5 minutes ago.


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