Day 36: June 15, 2010


08:30 AM: Got up. I had two meeting at the same time today. I had informed my Traffic21 team but I had mis-communicated it. So my professor dint seem too happy with that. As I got into the campus, I attended both the meeting with status updates to Ralph.

11:51 AM: Waiting for my next class titled “Working in US”. Although I am not very interested in this class, I am waiting to understand different processes expected out of one later. I am hungry to have my lunch as well. Career Services is an awesome division in our campus. They offer lunch in every meeting which makes their classes much more fun.

12:22 PM: Rocky and Susan comes in as well. We just hogged on the Pizzas. I dint even have a breakfast so this was just the best filler I was looking for. As I plan my rest of the day around “Org Management” project and “Stats” project; I am wondering if I can pull through some more work out of my day today.

Meeting Takeaway:

  • Company’s culture, Airport meeting about behavioral question, http://glassdoor.com, The Vault
  • Once you are anywhere near the company, you are on stage.



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