Carnegie Mellon

Day 38: June 17, 2010

Background: 21 Guns – Greenday (I wish I was special … J)

I wanted to write a blog-Journal entry everyday as it occurs but as you can see I haven’t gotten around achieving it. Yet! Anyways, I just wanted to mention that if I die this very minute I won’t be disappointed in me. This was one of the goals I set myself as I embarked upon this journey and so far, I must say, that I am very happy to be on the right track. I have taken up every course that I wanted to study; I am doing the projects that I love; I met very amazing people in my class, and all around me, some of whom I wish to see leading the best organizations in the world in future.

I had an Organizational Management class today. This is the second last class as I am about to finish my first mini next week. This is what I have to say about this class. I have told most / some of you that I have been draining most of my loans and my parents’ money to come to Carnegie Mellon. I am spending a fortune even by US / Dollars standards, let alone by Rupee standards. But, I must say that this class is worth every penny/ paise that I have spent so far. This is one of the classes that’s superior enough to be held anywhere in the world from Harvard to Princeton, places where my Adjunct Professor, David Lassman has graduated from.

If you are one of the prospective students of MISM, Carnegie Mellon, reading this, I suggest you to take this course (although you won’t have a choice as this is a mandatory course). If you do take, make sure that it’s Prof. David Lassman’s class because you won’t find a better professor than him.

My case study for today’s class was about the one he has written himself from his past experience at E-L Products. You can obtain the case by Googling yourself. It was a case with an open ended question which we analyzed in the class. We got to be in his shoes for those 2.5 hours and study the business from his point of view. We got to be the Operations Manager that he was and understand the decisions that he took and why he took those decisions right from the person himself. Some of the key lessons / words of wisdom that he shared with us that will truly go a long way for everyone were so inspiring that I decided to blog about it this night (1:30 AM) before I sleep so that I don’t use any fillers later as I forget the original content with every passing hour.

  1. Don’t do business with close relatives. It is one acceptable thing to develop a friendship / relationship with a person you met through a business perspective but do not fall into the pits of involving yourself into a business with someone who you are closely related with. You are likely to spoil your personal relationship with that person and as he appropriately said, that would be a “shame”.
  2. Geography matters, just like cultures in companies do.
  3. Have a mentor as early as you can in your life. Someone who you can talk to without hesitation. Someone who is intelligent enough to give you her/his words of wisdom. In Lassman’s words, “someone to whom you can bounce your ideas back and forth.”
  4. Best way to learn anything is to learn things from other people. You will be choosing the best of everyone else’s life.
  5. It takes time to learn things. Nothing happens instantly.
  6. Successful People: The happiest people are the ones who are “Open” to learn from others and who are always willing/trying to learn new things.
  7. Failed People: The ones who think that they control their lives themselves. “Luck doesn’t matter, I control everything.” They live for tomorrow, not today.
  8. Physical fitness is important to be young. Youth isn’t related to age as much as it is related to one’s thoughts.
  9. One of the important jobs of a leader is to Manage By Walking Around. E-mails from cubicles isn’t as effective as you think it would be.
  10. As a leader, you need to ask the right people, the right questions. Pointed questions to pick the right knowledge from their brain is important for a leader

4 weeks back I was wondering what US is, what Org Management is and now, I have come to miss that class. One of the lessons of life is that we need to learn to let things go. By letting this mini course go, we have learnt that as well.



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