Carnegie Mellon

Flashback: Day 34 – June 13, 2010 ** Bike Excursion

Background Song: Swallowed by the sea (Coldplay)

Last Sunday we spent our weekend finishing some of our assignments when Rocky found some available Cycles on Craigslist. We decided to buy one for each of us instantly and went after them. We got dressed up and went to “South Dallas St.” through a PAT bus. From there, we walked about a mile and a half to reach a park. We met Jamie somewhere there, who sold her bike to Rocky. It was a nice mountain bike with a crick sound in the handle. Once we bought our first kill, we planned to reach out to this other seller and get our second kill.

As we reached Murray at Hobart, I realized that I din’t have any money. I rode the bike all the way up to our house and picked up a $100 bill. I reached the destination in the next 15 minutes and we made an offer. The seller agreed and we had our second bike. Once we bought the bikes, we were so excited that we went cycling towards Schenley Park. We had no idea where we were going to but as we reached the Park and the golf course, we were dumbfounded. This park had one of the best sceneries I have even seen and it had one of the best cycling track as well. We cycled until that night taking pictures on our 2 MP mobile cameras.

== My Picasa Web Album of my first ever Pitts Cycling ==

Finally, at 7 it started raining cats and dogs during which we waited at a beautiful bus shelter at Wightman. Once the rain stopped, we cycled back home really tired and hungry. If you are guessing that we must have gotten in our kitchen hogging some food, you are wrong. We cycled back yet again to Starbucks to have a pair of Cookies each. We cycled back home this time to hog some food.


Just a fun cycling day that I am looking forward to after this mini


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