Carnegie Mellon

Day 40: June 19, 2010

What an eventful day! Oh my god. I woke up this morning at 7 minutes past 9 and I realized that I have my “Clay” class at 10. I rushed to my bus stop, as usual, and luckily got a bus just in time. Out 15 last week, only about 6 turned up to the class this week. We walked all around the Ceramic section in Carnegie Museum. Brendon, our instructor from last week, explained all the different show pieces and the processes to create each one of them. I must say, it was an interesting and a very insightful tour. Soon after this, we went back to our dungeon in the basement to work on our Clay creations.

As I walked near my table, for a minute I could not find my clay creation, “The Mask.” I thought that it must have blown up in the flame owen or something. But to my surprise, it was just right there, shrunk. I wondered, “Oh Cool! Now I have a mask for Robin, Sorry Batman.” Brendon gave us a brief introduction to different glazes lying there.

A glaze is paint for clay. There are 2 types of glazes, under glaze and over glaze. As the name suggests, under glazes can be painted over with another glaze. Over glaze has to be coated 2-3 times and they don’t have much gradient or exhaustive range of color choices as under glazes do. Hence I decided to paint my model with an under glaze as I had to get some fine gradient on my model. Once painted the clay model is heated to about 1800 degree Fahrenheit to get different surface finish that we desire. Although interesting, his brief description was too exhaustive, enough to confuse me for the day. Nevertheless, I decided to paint my model with 2 contrasting colors. After painting my choice of colors, I painted a layer of glaze (ceramic finish) to get a glass like surface on it. At half hour past noon, I was out of there contended with my work so far.

The next 3 hours went in relaxing and having my super powerful nap. I watched about 2-3 videos of Randy Pausch, a famous professor of Carnegie Mellon, before I slept. This wasn’t the first time I watched these videos and this certainly will not be the last. He inspires me every time I watch him speak of life, dreams and goals. It’s like a battery recharge for me, whenever I am distracted in my life.

At 5 I went to college to study and finish some of my assignments. Although I dint accomplish much, I realized that I haven’t studied anything at all. I started studying Financial Accounting until 1 and reached home to sleep. Carnegie Mellon has one of the best Escort Services which drops us home anytime during night with a frequency of half hour. Both Rocky and I were really happy to know this, as we can now study in the campus as much as we can.

With a combination of Art and Engineering, my day was pretty interesting and eventful. In a way, I achieved the combination that was dear to Randy. To sum up, I am happy to check this day as a success in my books J


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