Tools I use and I recommend!

In the order of preference –


  • TED ( or download via Miro (Look below).

Torrent and downloading:

  • Azureus Vuze (Client)
  • Torrentz and for torrents.
  • Desitorrents for Indian torrents.
  • Miro client for Discovery, Natgeo, TED and technical videos downloads.

Document Editing and File Editing:

  • Notepad++

Productivity / Health:

  • Workrave
  • Belevedere (search for it on

Media Player:

  • VLC Media Player (Video)
  • Media Monkey (Songs)

Desktop Must applications:

  • Picasa 3 for Photo viewing and editing
  • MS Photostory and Moviemaker for making videos out of photos
  • Comodo or Zonealarm or Windows default firewall for firewall
  • AVG for anti-virus application
  • Putty and Putty connection Manager for SSH, Telnet or remote logging.
  • Foxit reader for PDF file reading
  • Photoshop CS2,3,4 for advance photo editing
  • SUPER application for Video file format converting. (VOB to AVI, FLV to AVI, WMV to MP3 etc)
  • 7-Zip for Zip, Unzip, Rar, Unrar.
  • Filezilla for FTP

General Websites I recommend:

  • Google (For all your requirements)
  • Gmail (Mail)
  • Google Reader (RSS)
  • Lifehacker (Check posts everyday for something fun and interesting)
  • Twitter (Microblogging)
  • WordPress and blogger (Blogging)
  • Delicious (Bookmarking)
  • Alltop, Google News (News headlines)
  • LinkedIn for professional profile

Internet Browsing:

  • Firefox with plugins
    • Firebug
    • Downthemall
    • Web Development
    • IE Tab
    • Delicious
    • Stumbleupon
    • Video DownloadHelper
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (Experimenting)

Java and Web Development:

  • Netbeans and Aptana
  • Blueprint CSS framework
  • Groovy and Grails framework
  • Scriptaculous, Prototype and jQuery Framework for JavaScript
  • Firebug in Firefox
  • iUi and IWebkit frameworks for iPhone Web Development

Geekier Websites:

  • Nettuts, PSDTuts, VectorTuts for all tutorials
  • for web development tutorials
  • Hacker news and YCombinator for Geek news
  • slashdot, codinghorror for geek news
  • eSnips for documents, ebooks.

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