Carnegie Mellon, Daily Log

Resuming my thoughts

Although I have never been a frequent blogger, I had almost stopped blogging for a few months. Looking back, these were the good months when I should have blogged more than ever. I moved from east to west, joined a college for masters degree, met tons of new people and had tons of “let me blog about this” moments in these few months. Nevertheless, here I am writing yet again. Before I jump on explaining the recipe of my life, a lot of interested streetwalkers ask me about my course, coursework, subjects and so on. So for those of you, who are looking for the same, I have decided to put review of my course right here in the nest few blog posts.

Daily Log, XZAME

MGAT Day 5 & Day 6

  • Left: 36 days
  • Prep date: 10th & 11th Jan

This weekend I was suppose to finish the CR Bible and take Kap test to assess my improvement. Could not do it. I am planning to take some more time for that goal. I have finished 120 Pages in the bible and left with another 180 pages. I am planning to reach last Sunday’s goal by Wednesday. Wednesday is a holiday for me!

Daily Log, XZAME

MGAT Day 3 & Day 4

  • Left: 38 Days
  • Prep Date: 8th Jan and 9th Jan

I could not study much day before yesterday. I felt horrible about it. Procrastinating would surely put me back below 600 again. Anyways, considering both the days I finished few more pages of chapter 2. I am now done with 70 / 300 Pages. I am planning to make up for it tomorrow and day after as it’s the weekend. I will have to study about 200 pages according to my plan.

I also feel that I am drifting away from my test enthu. I am planning to take up a Kaplan test this weekend.

Daily Log, XZAME

MGAT Day 1

Left: 41 Days.

I finished about 42 pages in CR Bible. I could clock only about 2.5 hours against my 5 hours goal. I have started my work after a long 15 days christmas break so my work has been quite hectic. More than the work pressure it’s the strain of travelin about 4 hours a day I guess. Nevertheless, I am planning to make up for it today itself. I have been able togo through my SC flash cards meanwhile.

It makes a lot of sense to read those flash cards everyday and add it while preparing. I have planned to take up my exam in 6 weeks and hence the left column up above.

Prep Date: 6th Jan.